Microclimates is a flexible, secure environmental automation system. Our unique platform is built to accommodate your changing automation needs and preferences. Sync your existing devices with the Microclimates platform, or develop an entirely new automation system using our own Microclimates devices.

No matter how you choose to build, we bring all your data together into one place so you can make decisions faster. Our easy to configure dashboards and devices give you precise information that reduces the risk of costly mishaps so you can yield consistent crops, time after time.


We created Microclimates because we needed a convenient way to monitor our own growing operations—whether we were on site or not. We wanted our data to be precise, easy to digest and viewable on any screen so we could be aware of potential problems before they occurred. We also wanted an easier way to learn what conditions to replicate or avoid so we could grow consistent crops. Like you, we also wanted flexibility as our operations grew.

Whether you’re new to automation or an established facility, Microclimates is designed to flex and grow with you. We integrate with third party apps to consolidate your systems into one convenient dashboard. Because our platform can accept data from anywhere, we enable automation with more context and accuracy than otherwise possible.

We’re committed to your success, which is why we offer the most flexible options on the market: month-to-month pricing, easy integration and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Get everything you need

for precise and easy automation

Works with your existing devices.
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