Microclimates devices are truly plug ‘n’play. View data directly on each device with a high contrast screen. Devices connect over Wi-Fi and receive over the air software updates. Compact and easy to install, they can be placed anywhere in your greenhouse. If a sensor wears out, it can be replaced without replacing an entire unit.


Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensor
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor
Infrared Motion Sensor


Ambient Light
LUX Sensor
Ultraviolet Sensor
Light on/off Control
Rolling on/off (individual light control)
Light Percentage Control (based on LED control)


Soil Moisture
Soil Temperature
Weight Sensor


Water Level
pH Sensor
Water Temperature
Electrical Conductivity (EC) Sensor
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
ORP Water Quality Sensor
Flow meter
Water Valve Controller
Parastitic Dosing Pump

Wireless 110v Control Switch
Proximity Sensor
Fingerprint Reader
30 Amp AC/DC Current Sensor
Vibration Sensor
Analog Input
Contact Sensor
Dry Contact Relay
Solid State Relay

Need custom integration with your existing system or devices?

Our platform works with your existing devices to simplify your environmental automation. Contact us for a custom quote.