Environmental automation for serious indoor farmers

Grow consistent crops using the most flexible tools on the market for automating your farm.

Ultimate Flexibility to Support Your Business Growth

Flexible Plans

Automate your farming operations with our month-to-month plans.

Easy Setup

Plug 'n' play data collection. Set up and start gathering data within 20 minutes.

Simplified Data Analysis

View HVAC, lighting, watering and other systems at a glance - on one dashboard.

Enterprise Level Security

We adhere to and exceed strict standards in security.

Microclimates is a flexible environmental automation software platform that brings all your data together into one place so you can make decisions faster. Get the facts so you can yield consistent crops, time after time.

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Extendable Automation Platform

Multiple Dashboards

Customize multiple dashboards to show the insights you need at a glance. Gather data from several sensors in one place, no matter the device. Create custom alerts so you can correct issues before they worsen.

Camera Views

Pictures can be better indicators than data alone. That’s why we always include cameras with our plans. You can monitor your plants and leaves up close, or view your property even when you’re off-site.

Notes, Trends & Reporting

View your data your way. Zoom in on a specific date or sensor. Add notes to your data. View trends over time. Export your reports in multiple formats that integrate with other systems.

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Wireless Monitoring Devices

Use Your Devices or Ours

Your existing devices are compatible with the Microclimates system. But if you are just getting started in environmental automation, or are ready to upgrade your devices, we make it easy.

Built-In Screens

The on screen data display on every Microclimates device gives you easy to read information when you’re on-site. Set-up is simple. Just plug them in, turn them on, and connect to Wi-Fi. You can install them anywhere using VELCRO® and move them if necessary.

Continuous Over-the-Air Updates

Our devices receive over the air updates. They come with an extendable 90 day warranty. You can even replace individual sensors without replacing the whole device.

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Getting Started with Automation

See how indoor farmers use environmental automation to stay competitive, and how to plan for the future with our free guide.

Custom Consulting or Configuration

Out of the box, our system is highly customizable. If you have more complex integrations or need on-site advice, schedule one of our expert consultants.

Everything you need for precise and easy automation

Works with your existing devices.
Syncs everything in one place. Cancel any time.