CO2 Room Controller



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This CO2 controller safely manages CO2 distribution to rooms throughout the facility. Multiple controllers can be added and controlled both independently and in harmony as a full facility system.

Effective PPM control and safety are the two core features of these controllers. They use CO2 readings from CO2 monitors (purchased separately) to control CO2 Valves for room distribution.

Valves must be of type CR5-02 ball valve (purchased separately), as these perform auto-close on power-off, and provide electrical confirmation when fully opened and closed.


  • Maintains CO2 PPM levels in each room
  • Configure PPM levels for both daylight (photosynthesis) and dark (sleep) times
  • Supports both hub/spoke and daisy-chain pipe distributions
  • Can use multiple CO2 sensors per room for added safety & redundancy
  • Weekly CO2 safety report, archived for audits/inspections
  • Over the air upgrades

Additional safety features

  • High CO2 level alert
  • Valve auto shut-off on power failure
  • Positive valve open/close detection with alerts
  • Auto failover to secondary monitor if primary fails
  • Warning if multiple room monitors differ

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1-Room, 4-Room