June 2021

Over The Air Updates 2021-6

Version 2021-6-7

Published July 3, 2021

Zone Health Card

The new Light Bar / Zone Health card lets you control physical lamps representing situational health.

This actuates three digital outputs (like dry-contact relays) one per color, and can be connected to overall controller health for a physical health indication.

Light Bar

Apogee ePAR and FAR-PAR sensors

Apogee intruments has a new line of PAR sensors for detecting the FAR-RED spectrum above the traditional 700nm range.

Apogee ePAR Sensor

The ePAR sensor incorporates the higher range into the single PPFD reading ePAR

Apogee PAR-FAR Sensor

The PAR-FAR sensor is two sensors in one - a full spectrum PAR sensor and a FAR-RED PAR sensor. This sensor has two outputs and consumes two input channels on the Opto22 RIO. FAR-PAR

PAR Sensor Integration

These new integrations can be found in the PAR Sensor card when adding a new sensor to the room. integration

Test Harness Card

This card lets advanced users inspect (probe) any input, output, or configuration of any card.

It can also be used as a signal generator to set card configuration or input. The signal generator also exposes these as output channels so other cards can directly connect to the signal for their output.

It can be used for fine grained manual control, and to help understand the internal I/O of any card.

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Expanded Insights

This release rounds out insights by exposing all digital (on/off) and analog (numeric) outputs of every card.

Dashboards for these new metrics are available by clicking the metrics link from the card, or by selecting the Insights menu item.

Insights Icon

Security & Stability Improvements

Security: HMI Locks too aggressive
Security: Managing new SMS regulations
Stability: Disconnected internet stability