July 2021

Over The Air Updates 2021-7

Version 2021-7-12

Published Aug 16, 2021

Variable Speed Fans

The Fan device cards can now accept variable output outputs as fans. This allows 0-10v variable speed drive fans to be driven from the fan card.

Fan Card Configuration

The device drop-down list now includes both digital (on/off) and analog (voltage) type connections. If the connection is to a variable output, the 0-10 default may be changed to accommodate variable output devices with different voltages.

Variable Speed Fans

Visible Input Areas

Card title and description have always been editable on the back side of the card, but it was not easy to notice. This release adds a different background color to the card title and description to signify the fields are editable.

Entry Fields

Memory Optimization

The underlying operating system of the Opto22 RIO allows free memory to reach critically low levels. This can cause performance issues, and in some cases can cause the RIO to freeze, requiring a power cycle to restart.

To prevent free memory from getting critically low, this release contains a periodic O/S memory cache flush to clear this memory before an application requests it.

This operation is scheduled to run daily, and can result in some fairly dramatic improvements in available memory:

Entry Fields

Security & Stability Improvements

Stability: Climate HMI Sizing
Stability: Out of Service Card Initialization
Stability: Stabilize Network Failures
Stability: Multiple Startups - Patch 2021.7.12