August 2021

Over The Air Updates 2021-8

Version 2021-8-2

Published Sep 5, 2021

Water Tank Card

The water tank card has been added to manage water tank levels and irrigation.

Water Tank

Tank management includes

  • Visualizing water levels in the HMI
  • Triggering warnings and alerts when water levels get too high or low
  • Managing pumps and valves for filling tanks to a specified level
  • Managing pumps and valves for draining tanks to a specified level
  • Managing pumps and valves for irrigating plants

Tank Configuration

The backside of the card lets you configure the tank capacity and specify liquid level sensors, pumps/valves/sensors for tank filling, tank draining, and irrigation. Water Tank Config


The water tank card is the first to include a task runner. This is shown by a running person icon and the number of currently running tasks.

Task Example

The water tank card lets you run the following tasks:

  • Fill tank
  • Drain tank
  • Irrigate plants

Task Manager

Clicking the icon opens the task manager, where you can

  • Run a new task
  • View and stop currently running tasks
  • View a history of the prior 5 tasks

Task Runner

Tasks are an exciting addition to cards introduced in the tank card. Keep your eyes open for more cards with tasks in future Over-The-Air updates.

Configuration Categories

The configuration (back) side of device cards have been categorized, giving an overview of configurations and a simple way to expand a category for more details.

Config Categories

Security & Stability Improvements

Stability: 15 day Insights Extension
Stability: Regulator Range API Validation
Stability: System Managed Connections