September 2021

Over The Air Updates 2021-9

Version 2021-9-6

Published Oct 6, 2021

Agrowtek DXO8 Upgrade

The Agrowtek 8 port output DXO8 Module was upgraded to include improved initialization, and an upgraded user interface.

Agrowtek DX Modules

Check it out, and find additional I/O inputs & relays on the Agrowtek Website

Process Supervision

This release includes a process supervisor that periodically checks controller health, and restarts the server if required.

This guards against a code or configuration issue that causes the system to become unresponsive.

This doesn’t resolve the underlying issue, but gets the process running again so troubleshooting can continue.

Security & Stability Improvements

Stability: Increased the number of event listeners
Stability: Stabilized the Multi-Climate card
Stability: Additional guardrails added to the Multi-Climate card