Data Insights

Data Insights


In a minute, you’ll see a preview of op insights - a new over the air feature.

Let’s get started.

By now you know your Microclimates controller for real time data collection.

Op insights adds an industrial database that stores, visualizes, and exports your operational data.

To preview, navigate to the Insights menu.

Here you’ll see graphs for CPU levels, Memory usage, and Disk usage.

At a glance you’ll see the CPU works harder during the day than at night,
memory is stable, and there’s plenty of hard disk storage.

Readings are stored in 15 second intervals for 15 days.
Enough time for improved operational decisions, spotting trends, and for exports to long term storage.

The preview comes with these insights, and card placeholders for upcoming releases.

Download Op Insights in the March 2021 release,

and check back for more over the air updates.


Contact to get started.