Simplify Your Automation

Tie all your indoor farming sensors together with our affordable universal control system.

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"Microclimates offers true value, expertise, and a well-integrated and user friendly platform."

- Joeseph Chidac, Master Grower, Island AgTech

Universal control of all your systems at your fingertips.

With Microclimates, you're not locked into one vendor or a limited set of sensors. Our software and controller package can tie everything together.

Enjoy the flexibility of using best of breed sensors from different suppliers. Integrate and view everything in one place.

Organize and display data your way with customizable dashboards.

Add notes and record trends over time.

Set alert tresholds and use data from multiple sources to verify accuracy.

Each device is represented by an easy-to-use card on your dashboard.

Access device controls on the front of the card.

Flip it over to view device details and connections.

Our software runs on the Opto 22 groov line of industrial controllers. These are best-in-class programmable automation controllers that tie your operational systems together.

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Expand your capabilities.


Control your environment. Focus on the big picture.

Monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, and ambient light. Scale up to 100 sensors with addition of Hubs. Ease your mind with 24/7 monitoring and alerts.

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Control your lights. Ease your mind.

Schedule the right amount of light at the right time. Control intensity, manage energy and save money. Receive alerts and ease your mind with 24/7 monitoring.

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Automate your dosing. Operate with confidence.

Monitor pH, EC, Temperature, and ORP. Manage multiple tanks with one dosing panel. Set custom nutrient recipes. Ease your mind with 24/7 monitoring and alerts.

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If you have more complex integrations or need on-site advise, our expert consultants are always available to assist. Schedule a Demo

Need to Control Multiple Operations?

The Business Intelligence Server's dashboard allows you to tie multiple indoor farming operations together to monitor each wherever you are - while giving you the data you need to make actionable decisions.

Want to Review Advanced Data?

The Business Intelligence Server saves data across seasons - giving you the insights you need to analyze and grow your business.

"Microclimates allowed me to connect lights and pumps and sensors without ever touching a screwdriver."

- Bruce Campbell, Indoor Hydroponic Vegetable Farmer

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