Environmental Automation

- WiFi enabled sensors let you measure anything
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- Take your grow with you

Measured Success

Remote Control

Growing Intelligence

Work smarter. Reduce Risk. Make decisions based on data, not wild guesses.

Multiple Systems

No problem. Microclimates works with you to integrate your equipment through our open-source API.

Simplify Infrastructure Management

Run your operation from one convenient Dashboard.

Manage Operations Anywhere

Monitoring with push-notifications and alerts when systems are outside specified ranges.

Measure and Control Everything

Smart automation begins with consistent data collection. Microclimates uses a wide variety of sensors to gather measurements via Wi-Fi, and secured with an edge computing system.


Soil Moisture | Root Temperature


Water Level | PPM Fluid| pH Level | Dissolved O2 Monitor | Water Temperature | Pump Control | Water Flow


Room Temperature | Room Humidity | CO2 Monitor | Lighting | Heating | Ventilation | Air Conditioning | CO2 Delivery | Current Picture | Photo Archive


Wind Speed | Wind Direction | Rain Detection


Voltage Recording | Amperage Recording | Power Outlet Switching | Solar Generation | Sunlight Levels | Solar Efficiency | Wind Turbine Generation | Wind Speed | Turbine Efficiency


Entry/Exit Monitoring | Proximity Sensor | Sound Detection | Access Control | Video Camera Interface | Snapshot Photo Archive

Interested in monitoring a data point that doesn’t appear on this list?

No problem – our extensible, open source architecture allows you to easily add additional custom telemetry devices, even one of your own design.

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