Precision microclimate
Microclimate control
Your operational efficiencies
- Industrial automation
Infinite Possibilities
Your facilities and environmental controls
- Custom integration
Grow your business
To meet your market demands
- Predictable repeatability

Custom Integration

You're not locked in

You’re not locked into one vendor or a limited set of sensors. Enjoy the flexibility of using best of breed sensors from different suppliers. Integrate everything in one place, view on a common dashboard & integrate insights into business decisions.

Multiple Dashboards

Customize dashboards to show the insights you need at a glance. Gather data from several sensors, multiple plants, multiple rooms, third party apps, the weather channel & more. Our open platform brings all your data together into one place. Organize and display data your way. 

Notes, Trends & Alerting

Zoom in on a specific date or sensor. Add notes to your data. View trends over time. Set alert thresholds, and use data from multiple sources to verify accuracy.

Unlimited Automation

IT OT Bridge

Automation for Growth

Most environmental systems are static and single-purpose - HVAC, humidity, lighting, security, CO2, or a limited combination. Microclimates is an expandable hardware and software platform that can tie your existing systems together, and provide a solid foundation for your future automation initiatives.

Opto 22 Certified IoT Partner

Microclimates is an authorized reseller and IoT Certified OptoPartner with Opto 22, makers of the groovEPIC industrial controller. This program certifies our capabilities in Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) combining business intelligence, operational control, networking and programming languages.

Built-in Security

Strong access control, security protocols, and over-the-air updates keeps your system up to date with the latest product and security releases.

Business Acceleration

You're Ready to Scale

Your business is growing & requires flexible and affordable technology that can accelerate with you. A system that can be automated, repeatable & efficient for lean manufacturing. Microclimates gives you that advantage throughout your growth.

Predictable Repeatability

A truly automated facility is set up with repeatability in mind. Repeatability requires historical & ongoing data at your fingertips. Our open platform brings all the data together to repeat, predict & automate. Create your turn-key model, and be confident as you replicate your model.

Single or Multi-Site Operation

Whether you are a single-site or multi-site operator or an owner ready to scale, the Microclimates total solution supports improved efficiencies and consistent quality, making more time for the work that matters.

Business Acceleration

Working Together

A Common Tool For Automation

Working to tie your facility together, simplifying automation and improving productivity

Custom Integration Services

Out of the box, our system is highly customizable. If you have more complex integrations or need on-site advice, schedule one of our expert consultants.

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