Artificial Intelligence in Controlled Agriculture

Artificial Intelligence in controlled environmental agriculture (CEA)

Is it used today? What should we consider & the importance of data.

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Hi, it’s Neda with Microclimates.

A question was asked in regards to the use of AI in indoor farming. Can AI be used in indoor farming? And is it used?

The short answer is yes. It can be used. It can be very effective from an efficiency and productivity perspective.

For example for early crop Disease detection. Crop yield. Crop monitoring. Environmental monitoring. Environmental automation. There’s a lot of use cases for AI.

But before we jump and make these huge investments, which by the way AI, is a large investment so it can be sometimes cost prohibitive, especially for operations that are just starting out and you’ve got a huge upfront capital expenditure.

One thing to consider is that there has to be lots of relevant information, a vast amount of data is needed for AI. You need to have high quality data, a diverse data and relevant data that can be fed into machine learning.

So the answer to that is yes. AI can be and is being used and will be used for indoor farming and farmers in general. At the same time, that’s not rush to AI. We need to slow down a little bit. I always like to take the approach of crawl, walk, run and let’s make sure that we have the data that we need at this point to be fed into machine learning.

For now, my advice would be focus on collecting the data and know what to do with that data to make insightful decisions and know that the data, if it’s really a vast amount of data, can be used in the future for machine learning and A.I.

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