Building a MAP

I am building a map for the bioreactors, and some of the cards have not yet been set up to display sensor readings. I would like to include the sludge tank water level (top right) and the current program that is running on the sludge tank (just below on the top right). Additionally, I’d like to have the reactor tank show the water level (bottom).

One other question is that the pH and Temp do not have units (main sensors), but the backup sensors do have units. Is this something that can be remedied?

When these are set up, I can pretty up the diagram to have the information clearly presented in the locations most useful before adding more layers. Thank you!

Thank you for this input - it helps us prioritize feature additions to maps. To summarize:

  • Tank level - either percent as a number, or ideally a visual representation like the card
  • Current program running - as text for the sludge tank.
  • Add units to sensor readings. In the meantime, you can add a text box with just the units and place it next to the sensor reading. Set the outline size to zero, and you won’t know they’re two things on the map.

These enhancements and others should be available as an OverTheAir update in approximately 1 week.