Getting to Know You

Hi Everyone. My name is Neda and it’s been a while since I’ve been on social media.

Just wanting to reach out and re-introduce myself.

My name is Neda Vaseghi. I’m the CEO and co-founder of Microclimates.

At Microclimates we are a software company that helps indoor farmers with their environmental automation.

So what we do is we pull disparate systems together, such as lighting, irrigation, fertigation , & climate (HVAC-D).

Systems purchased from different companies into one common user interface and a dashboard with all the data harmonized across all of them.

The reason why I want to reach out today is because we’ve had a lot of clients reach out to us and they’re always asking for our expert advice regarding, let’s say, lighting and irrigation and some topics around software, what companies they should be working with.

And we just want to start a little chat here on a daily basis and maybe once a week just post to respond to some question that you have.

So again, my background is in food safety specifically, so I can answer some questions about food safety for indoor farming and I can answer some questions in regards to environmental automation.

If I can’t answer those questions, then we have software programmers and individuals and experts that we can go to.

So shoot me an email or just post your question here. Let me know what you’re interested
in learning about.

And we are happy to start this dialog and start posting our responses and hopefully providing some support to the industry.

Thanks so much for your support.