How do you make irrigation cycles that don’t run daily?

I don’t need to water every day so I want to change my irrigation cycle to every other day or actually set days of the week.

Any idea how?

The Irrigation automation card is focused on a daily routine. Its job is to automatically run the Irrigate Plants task for a Water Tank at various times throughout the day.

Tank Tasks
Task Names

When a particular automation card doesn’t support the schedule you need, you can use a Calendar card.

Add the Calendar card, and go to the back for configuration

Calendar Card

The Calendar card lets you set an Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly schedule based on your needs. In your case you’ll probably want to select a Weekly schedule.

Running tasks from the Calendar card is a bit odd - the value you’ll enter for each day doesn’t matter as long as it’s different from day to day. In this case we’ve selected Numeric data type and set that number to be 1, 2, 3, 4, … so it’s different from day to day.

The Calendar card works when you add a custom connection to the card you want to affect. In this case, we’re selecting the water tank we want this calendar card to control.

This connection is set up to be triggered when the Output Value changes (from 1 to 2, etc). When that output value changes it sets the “Queue a Task” input to the tank card to a fixed value of “Irrigate Plants”

The name of the fixed value (Irrigate Plants) is important. That is the name of the Run task on the Water Tank to run.

If you want to change the parameters of that task, go to the Water Tank card and save the Irrigate Plants task with a different name and different input parameters. The name you use would be entered here on the Calendar card as the task to run when the calendar value changes.