I have connected and verified a SCX climate sensor card ,but I cannot get sensor readings

I have connected and verified a SCX climate sensor card ,but I cannot get sensor readings.

Hi Brian,

Are you referencing this SXC climate sensor?

That device is associated with the Climate Sensor card. The back of the card lets you add any number of these SXC climate sensors for one zone.

When adding the sensor, if you have selected the GrowLink as the type it will ask you for the GrowNET Device Address - sometimes printed as “Unit Number” on the device.

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 12.38.58 PM

If all of this has been done, and the unit number is verified, it should start reading that sensor data upon Save.

Things to do from here

  1. Verify the unit number is correct. Other unit numbers on the network will return verified even if they aren’t climate devices.

  2. Verify that two devices aren’t on the same network with the same unit number. This will clash and likely result in no data being read.

  3. Unplug and re-seat the connection. There are 8 wires, and a poor connection on one could result in reading failures.

  4. Try this device on another controller to see if it works there

  5. See if other climate sensors are returning data, and if this is the only one not returning sensor readings.

Let us know if any of these work, and if you notice any other anomalies and we can dig deeper.

Check that Verify address and serial number match what is listed on the Sensor.

If the unit verifies, and that verification comes back with the same serial number listed on the unit, then the 2-way communication to that unit is happening.

Can you explain what you mean by not getting readings? After verifying, are the numbers on the climate sensor card “—” or are they readings. When you go to the insights dashboard for that card, are there any past readings?