Microclimates Promo Video

Microclimates Promo Video

Growing Population

With the growing population and climate change, farming and cultivation is shifting from outdoor to indoor facilities, because of accessibility and sustainability.

Optimum Growth

For optimal growth and quality of your product, you require constant monitoring of systems that were not intended to talk to one another.

Environmental Automation

This is where Microclimates comes in. A solution connecting all your critical environmental systems and all your facilities together to provide overall health at a glance.

You begin by collecting facility data. The data is presented on our intuitive and customizable dashboard. So you can transform data into actionable decisions and monitor at all times.
You are now ready to automate with the best-of-breed controller and IBM automation software.

A scalable solution that is meant to grow with your business.
Start your digital transformation today for a better tomorrow.


Contact sales@microclimates.com to get started.