Over The Air Updates April 2023

Version 2023.4.7

:spiral_calendar: Published Apr. 30, 2023


Zone Section

All cards now have the ability to specify the zone that the card represents.

Here you have the ability to select an existing zone, or add a new one.

Select a Zone

This feature is in preparation for a future ability to view cards by zone.

Security & Stability Improvements

Reduce auto-correct time for control signal failures

When the underlying communication mechanism reports a failure when sending a control signal to a device, the prior logic was to throw that away and wait until the next polling interval to send the signal.

This auto-resolved the issue for intermittent communication failures, but it resulted in a delay.

Considering communication issues are often transient, this logic was enhanced to allow for one retry for each failure. This self-correcting logic doesnโ€™t place too much traffic on the communication network, and often results in the device getting the control signal sooner.

Devices such as peristaltic pumps have tighter timing requirements, and this improved their performance for intermittent communication problems, which often occur on networks such as modbus.