Over The Air Updates August 2021

Version 2021-8-2

:spiral_calendar: Published Sep 5, 2021

Water Tank Card

The water tank card has been added to manage water tank levels and irrigation.

Water Tank

Tank management includes

  • Visualizing water levels in the HMI
  • Triggering warnings and alerts when water levels get too high or low
  • Managing pumps and valves for filling tanks to a specified level
  • Managing pumps and valves for draining tanks to a specified level
  • Managing pumps and valves for irrigating plants

Tank Configuration

The backside of the card lets you configure the tank capacity and specify liquid level sensors, pumps/valves/sensors for tank filling, tank draining, and irrigation.

Water Tank Config


The water tank card is the first to include a task runner. This is shown by a running person icon and the number of currently running tasks.

Task Example

The water tank card lets you run the following tasks:

  • Fill tank
  • Drain tank
  • Irrigate plants

Task Manager

Clicking the icon opens the task manager, where you can

  • Run a new task
  • View and stop currently running tasks
  • View a history of the prior 5 tasks

Task Runner

Tasks are an exciting addition to cards introduced in the tank card. Keep your eyes open for more cards with tasks in future Over-The-Air updates.

Configuration Categories

The configuration (back) side of device cards have been categorized, giving an overview of configurations and a simple way to expand a category for more details.

Config Categories

Security & Stability Improvements

  • 15 day Insights Extension - Insights data for some cards were being artificially limited to 7 days. This improvement identified the issue so all cards have 15 days of history stored on-device.

  • Regulator Range API Validation - Range validation was added to the external API for regulator type cards (thermostat, humidistat, etc). The HMI performed this validation, but if the configuration was changed by the external API, this validation wasn’t being performed.
    This could result in incorrect regulator values inserted by the API - such as a high temperature trigger being lower than a low temperature trigger if the external system provided incorect data.
    This improvement rejects API requests that provide invalid data into regulator cards.

  • System Managed Connections - Many intra-card connections are automatically configured by the system. Before this improvement it was possible to manually alter these connections via the Connections section of the back-side of each card.
    This improvement prevents system managed connections from being altered by the user.