Over The Air Updates August 2022

Version 2022-8-5

:spiral_calendar: Published Sep 04, 2022

Wifi Devices

This release comes with a significant new feature - wifi capability. Wifi capability lets new installations get up and running without running wires. It can augment a wired system, and one day be a part of a completely wireless solution.

This is built-in for all new controllers shipped after June 2022 containing a wifi router.

The first wifi device is the RGBW2 LED controller

RGBW2 LED Controller

We chose this as the first wifi device as it is used to drive the LED alert tower.

Look for new wifi devices coming online in the upcoming releases, and reach out if you have a favorite wifi device that we should consider for integration.

Logic Device

Do you have two controls driving one device? The Logic device allows multiple inputs to one device, and decides if the device should be turned on if either one or both of the inputs are engaged.

Logic Device

This manages the specific case of one device (example, Fans) being controlled by two things (example, Dehumidifier and Air Conditioner).

Climate Sensor In/Out of Service

Climate sensors weren’t coming back into service when taking them out and bringing them back in.

Now when climate sensors are brought back into service, they begin their reading cycle per the polling interval.

Climate Sensor Out of Range support

Each reading that climate sensors maintain include hi/low out of range guardrails. If the readings are beyond these guardrails, the readings are considered faulty and are thrown away.

An edge case arose where guardrails weren’t applied in certain conditions, and that has been resolved in this relese.

Climate Sensor Out of Range VPD calculations

If the above readings are beyond the guardrails, VPD calculations are now not performed. This prevents inaccurate VPD readings from being recorded.