Over The Air Updates August 2023

Version 2023.8.5

:spiral_calendar: Published September 2, 2023

Wireless LoRaWAN Devices

This release includes an exciting integration with wireless LoRaWAN technology (Chirpstack) and with it, two devices.

RadioBridge RBS306 Temperature / Humidity Sensor

RadioBridge RBS306

Like most wireless sensors, it transmits data on a specified interval - the longer the interval, the longer the battery lasts.

RadioBridge RBS306 Card

Dragino LHT65 Temperature / Humidity Sensor

Dragino LHT65 Card

This is another temperature / humidity sensor from Dragino. We’ll be adding many of these to see which ones hold up best.

The LHT65 can be ordered with different accessory plug-ins. The card reflects those readings.

Dragino LHT65 Card

Alert Nomenclature

Prior to this release, alerts were categorized as Warning and Alert. This was confusing as they both were alerts - of different types.

This release changed the name from Alert to Critical to remove the confusion with the alert level, and alerts in general.

Alert Nomenclature