Over The Air Updates December 2021

Version 2021-12-9

:spiral_calendar: Published January 3, 2022

Fertigation Release

This release contains fertigation cards for managing pH and nutrient levels for multiple feed tanks.

Water Sensors Device

The water sensors card manages an Agrowtek SXH series water sensor package.

Nutrient Sensors

Sensor readings are displayed on the front of the card.

Paristaltic Pumps Device

The nutrient pumps card manages an Agrowtek ADi series paristaltic nutrient dosing pumps.

Nutrient Pumps

This card lets you define the number of pumps the ADi device supports, and lets you name each pump with the name of the nutrient supplied by it.

The front of the card shows those nutrients and lets you manually turn the pumps on / off.

Nutrient Panel Device

The nutrient panel card manages an entire nutrient panel, consisting of valves to/from different tanks, valves for water in and out, sensors, pumps, and tasks for managing the nutrient levels in each tank.

Nutrient Panel

The Run icon (the running person) performs the following tasks

  • Fill Tank - Bring fresh water in from the water source to one of the managed tanks
  • Drain Tank - Drain water from one of the managed tanks to the facility drain
  • Measure Nutrient Levels - Circulate fluids from a tank through the sensors, recording data for that tank
  • Balance pH Levels - Apply acid and/or base fluids to a tank to bring pH readings within a hi/low range.
  • Add Nutrients - Apply different parts of each nutrient to raise tank EC to a specified level
  • Transfer Fluid - Transfer liquid from one managed tank to another managed tank
  • Flush Lines - Send fresh water through one of the input or output lines for a specified time

The front of the card displays the status of the valves, pumps, and sensors in the nutrient panel.

Fertigation Program

Last but not least, the Fertigation program card schedules these tasks (listed above) with specified parameters throughout the day.

It provides the automation component for hands-free water tank management.

Fertigation Program

The back of the card lets you configure the nutrient panel and different recipes for different plant cycles.

The front of the card displays the current or upcoming task, and a few recent tasks.

Security & Stability Improvements

  • Restore tank levels when placing into service - When the Water Tank card is taken out of service, the current readings aren’t shown on the screen.
    Now when that tank card is brought back into service, the prior readings are restored.

  • Mobile app blank screen on OTA update - Some mobile devices displayed blank screens after a new OTA update is deployed.
    The resolution was to clear the browser cache on the mobile device.

  • This release resolves the issue for OTA releases after this one. If you experience a blank screen on this OTA release, you will need to clear the mobile browser cache to resolve.

  • Simpler title / subtitle editing - The card title and subtitle entry fields on the back of the card are now left justified. The front side of the card still displays title / subtitle as right justified, but edits are more intuitive when left justified.

  • Provide context for adding to lists - Card configurations that contain lists have an (+) Add button at the bottom of the list to add items.
    This release includes the type of thing being added, so instead of (+) Add it now appears with context (+) Add nutrients.

  • Fix field jitter on HMI entry fields - A few cards allow numeric entry into the front of the card - example: RIO card, Test Harness card. Numeric entry fields had a jitter when the user hovered and entered into the field.
    The solution was to allow more space for the entry field so it doesn’t change space requirements when entering data.

  • Nutrient Pumps removed when reducing number - The Nutrient Pumps card (paristaltic pumps) allow you to specify the number of pumps. If a mis-configuration occurred and too many pumps were configured, when the number is reduced to the correct number, the deleted pumps were still being shown on the HMI.
    The solution was to only show pumps on the HMI that are currently configured.

  • Water Tank irrigation ended prematurely - A condition could arise that caused the irrigation task to end before either 1) the specified end time, or 2) the specified minimum tank level.
    The issue was resolved, and verified irrigation to only end on the 2 above conditions.