Over The Air Updates December 2022

Version 2023-01-01

:spiral_calendar: Published January 1, 2023

Timezone Improvements

Timezone Settings

The Settings screen now has a place to set timezone for the facility:

Facility Time

Cards that display time used to display it in the browser timezone. That became problematic for communication across timezones.

Now cards that display time will display it in the Facility Timezone, so no matter who is looking at the HMI, and where they are in the world, they’re seeing the local time for the facility.

Facility Time

Insights In Facility Time

Insights screens used to display data in the timezone of the person viewing the data. This caused confusion when multiple people across timezones are discussing events that happened at the facility.

Now all insights data are shown in the facility timezone by default. If data conversions to different timezones are desired, the dropdown button allows you to specify a different timezone.