Over The Air Updates February 2021

Version 2021-2-10

:spiral_calendar: Published Feb 28, 2021

Smart Lighting

Learning Mode

Added learning mode to the lighting program. This mode learns the target quickly, then switches to stable mode once reached.


This results in reduced employee fatigue by spreading changes over a longer period, and is ideal for greenhouses where LED augments natural lighting.

Lighting Device

Added HLG BSpec to the list of supported devices.

Manfuacturer Model Description
HLG BSpec 600 Light Panel
Thrive Agritech Infinity 2.0™ LED Light Bar Light bar
VividGro MAX™ LED Panels Multi-row LED Panels
General Switched On/Off General purpose on/off light
General Dimmable 0-10v General purpose 0-10v dimmable

PAR Sensor

Added Apogee SQ-500 to the list of validated sensors, and added default calibration.

Manfuacturer Model Description
Apogee SQ-500-SS 0-40 mV Full Spectrum PAR

Security & Stability Improvements

  • Reduced alert & warning history entries to exclude redundant entries.

Version 2021-2-6

:spiral_calendar: Published Feb 15, 2021

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode allows show/hide control of various header UI elements to support kiosk modes of operation.

To enable kiosk mode, add the ?kiosk parameter to the browser address before the # sign.

Example …/node-red/hmi/devices?kiosk
?kiosk Remove all kiosk mode UI elements
?kiosk=menu Show the navigation UI element only
?kiosk=title Show the site title element only
?kiosk=health Show the site health indicator
?kiosk=add Show the Add a Card UI element
?kiosk=title,health Any combination of the above to show the specified UI elements

Zoom Mode

Zoom mode allows control of the pallette zoom level from the browser address bar. Useful for Kiosk mode.

To specify the zoom level, add the ?zoom={level} parameter to the address before the # sign.

Example …/node-red/hmi/devices?zoom=80
?zoom=80 Set the zoom level to 80% - Level can be 1-100

Apogee SQ-500 PAR Sensor

The Apogee SQ-500 full spectrum PAR sensor was added to the lineup of supported sensors in the PAR Sensor device card.

This self-powered PAR sensor can be wired directly into the Opto22 controller, without an external power source and is their lowest price full spectrum sensor. Side-by-side readings next to the SQ-515 showed an amazing similarity within 1 PPFD PAR unit.

Current supported PAR sensors

Manfuacturer Model Description
Apogee SQ-110/120 0-800 mV Original PAR
Apogee SQ-212/222 0-2.5 V Original PAR
Apogee SQ-214/224 4-20 mA Original PAR
Apogee SQ-215/225 0-5 V Original PAR
Apogee SQ-512-SS 0-2.5 V Full Spectrum PAR
Apogee SQ-514-SS 4-20 mA Full Spectrum PAR
Apogee SQ-515-SS 0-5 V Full Spectrum PAR

Security & Stability Improvements

  • Default recipes deleted from some recipe cards would re-appear upon subsequent system reboot.
    This did not affect performance, but was confusing.

  • As of this release, default recipes which are deleted remain deleted.