Over The Air Updates February 2022

Version 2022-2-10

:spiral_calendar: Published February 26, 2022

Improved Output Locking

The locks associated with outputs are now locked against not only user input, but also program input.

This offers the Manual Override functionality of a physical on/off/auto switch.

Improved Locking

Now you can press a lock and be assured it will stay in that position until unlocked.

Multiple Climate Sensor Insights

The climate sensor card now separates individual sensor readings into individual Insights data

Notice that the Flower Room North data is separated from the Flower Room South data - two sensors in the same room.

Disable Running Tasks when Taken Offline

Cards taken offline will now end all outstanding running tasks.

Run Task Enabled

For example, if the above card with one running task is taken offline, notice the running task is stopped:

Run Task Disabled