Over The Air Updates February 2023

Version 2023-2-5

:spiral_calendar: Published February 25, 2023

Authorization Levels

Authorized users can now be assigned an authorization level, controlling their access to your facility. Under Settings / Authorized Users / Add (or update) User:

Authorization levels include

Level Description
Administer Can do everything on the site including administer users
Configure Can control and configure cards but not access the Settings screen
Control Can control the state of a card, but not perform any card configurations
View Can view cards but cannot change the state or configurations
Not Authorized Not authorized for access until changed to another level

Support Forum

A new menu item gives quick access to our support forum (the forum you’re reading this on) :laughing:

Security & Stability Improvements

  • Discovered a situation where messages to a card could get stuck in a queue and not processed. Resolved the issue by auto-detecting the issue and resolving without having to restart the server.