Over The Air Updates January 2021

Version 2021-1-5

:spiral_calendar: Published January 25, 2021


Added alerts to program cards, warning and alert SMS and Email numbers in the Settings card


Added reading guardrails for Climate Sensor card, disregarding readings outside of these limits

Sensor Unit Low Limit High Limit
Temperature °C -50 50
Humidity %RH 0 100
Light W/m2 0 1000
CO2 PPM 100 3000

Climate Sensor Readings

Added individual climate sensor readings to the back of the Climate Sensor card

Auto DNS Registration

Settings card allows override of DNS registration, in cases where controller can be accessed from a public IP address. This overrides the default LAN IP address used for controller DNS registration.

Security & Stability Improvements

  • Don’t close pop-up window when dragging outside of the window.
  • Fixed manual outbound connections UI to show inputs when viewed from the To card.

Version 2021-1-2

:spiral_calendar: Published Jan 11, 2021

Over The Air Updates

Enabled over the air software updates, configurable with the following in the Settings card:

Over The Air Updates|542x338thumbnail

OTA Setting Operation
Standard Normal software updates - in operation over 1 month
Advanced Advanced software updates - new releases

Security & Stability Improvements

  • Fanss was changed to Fans
  • Fixed software version verification where it presented a “latestVersion not found” error.