Over The Air Updates January 2023

Version 2023-01-26

:spiral_calendar: Published February 5, 2023

Cloud Login

This release comes with significant enhancements for operators. You can now login to your facility from the microclimates.com website on your browser.

Sign In / Sign Up

Pressing the Login button brings up the sign-up screen, where you can also sign-up for your login.

Facility Navigation

Once signed in, you can easily navigate to the facilities you have been authorized to sign into (more on authorization below). You can also logout from all facilities from this new menu:

Authorized Users

A new section in the Settings screen allows facility operators to manage the logins that can access the facility.

External applications can also be authorized to interact with the facility. Send a message to our support forum if you wish to know more about this ability.

Extended Logging

With this knowledge of the operator, detailed event logs now report changes to both configurations and card state, reporting the person that made the change, or if it was an internal change.