Over The Air Updates July 2022

Version 2022-7-4

:spiral_calendar: Published Aug 07, 2022

SSL Certificate Auto Renewal

Secure communications require a valid SSL certificate on the Microclimates edge server, which is done during provisioning at the factory.

These certificates are valid for 3 months before requiring renewal, where the Microclimates cloud facilitates this renewal.

Auto-Generate SSL Certs

If you wish to maintain your own SSL certificates for the edge server using the Opto22 control panel, you may now disable this setting and certificates will not be automatically renewed by Microclimates.

Pause for a Period

A new task Pause for a Period has been added to all cards that can run tasks.

Pause Between Tasks

This task causes the card to pause for a specified number of minutes and seconds before running the next task.

It is useful when placed between a list of tasks to run, causing a timed pause between the tasks.