Over The Air Updates June 2022

Version 2022-6-11

:spiral_calendar: Published July 03, 2022

Saved Tasks

All cards that can run tasks now let you save task configurations with a name as a custom task.

Saved Tasks

Once the task is saved, it can be selected by name as a custom task.

Custom Task Selector

Timed Dosing

The Nutrient Pump and Nutrient Panel cards have a new task Issue a Timed Dose, letting you deliver a fixed amount of nutrients in a single task.

Timed Dosing

This task allows you to select the amount of each nutrient to deliver (in seconds), and if you want the nutrients delivered one at a time or all at once.

It’s an easy way to manually deliver nutrients for adjusting pH and/or EC levels.

Secondary Sensors - Nutrient Panel

The Nutrient Panel card can now accept multiple sensors of a given type to add protection against sensor failures.

Secondary Sensors

When adding additional sensors of a given type, a section appears allowing you to enter both warning and alert tolerance ranges.

If any secondary sensor differs from the primary sensor by more than these tolerances, the card will be placed into either the warning or alert state.

Improved Single-Tank Logic for Nutrient Panel

Nutrient Panel

The Nutrient Panel card was written to manage multiple water tanks, with flushing sequences to prevent cross-tank contamination.

In single tank configurations, valve management and flushing are not necessary. This release relaxes the logic requiring valves to be defined for multi-tank operations, providing improved value for single-tank operations.

Agrowtek SXOM - Optical Dissolved O2 Sensor

This release includes an integration with the Agrowtek SXOM Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor.

Dissolved O2

Agrowtek DXI8 - 8 Port Input Device

This release includes an integration with the Agrowtek DXI8 DC Input Module

Agrowtek DXI8

Agrowtek DXV4 - 4 Port 0-10v Output Device

This release includes an integration with the Agrowtek DXV4 4 Port 0-10v DC Output Module

Agrowtek DXV4

Irrigation Tank Sensor Ordering

The front irrigation tank card listed the sensor readings in a different ordering from the readings on the MDX water sensing panel.

We have re-arranged the ordering so the water temperature is on top, the pH reading is in the middle, and the EC reading is at the bottom, so the Tank card matches the MDX card.

Security & Stability Improvements

  • Water Sensors out/in Service - There was a bug where bringing the MDX Water Sensor card out and back into service caused the card to stop reading sensor values until the controller was restarted.
    That bug was identified and fixed in this release