Over The Air Updates March 2021

Version 2021-3-5

:spiral_calendar: Published Mar 28, 2021

Insights (preview release)

15 day On-controller metrics

The core components for the Insights functionality are included in this release, and an example of the live data is available on the new Insights menu.


This preview includes insights for the controller itself - RAM, CPU, and disk space utilization. The preview release is to gather stability metrics. Once validated, each card will export data into the insights system.

Security & Stability Improvements

  • The PAR sensor device was changed from 1 decimal to 0 decimal places (integer) to clean up the display.

  • Updated the sensor smoothing algorithms to better separate signal from noise.

Version 2021-2-10

:spiral_calendar: Published Feb 28, 2021

Smart Lighting

Learning Mode

Added learning mode to the lighting program. This mode learns the target quickly, then switches to stable mode once reached.


This results in reduced employee fatigue by spreading changes over a longer period, and is ideal for greenhouses where LED augments natural lighting.

Lighting Device

Added HLG BSpec to the list of supported devices.

Manfuacturer Model Description
HLG BSpec 600 Light Panel
Thrive Agritech Infinity 2.0™ LED Light Bar Light bar
VividGro MAX™ LED Panels Multi-row LED Panels
General Switched On/Off General purpose on/off light
General Dimmable 0-10v General purpose 0-10v dimmable

PAR Sensor

Added Apogee SQ-500 to the list of validated sensors, and added default calibration.

Manfuacturer Model Description
Apogee SQ-500-SS 0-40 mV Full Spectrum PAR

Security & Stability Improvements

  • Reduced alert & warning history entries to exclude redundant entries.