Over The Air Updates March 2022

Version 2022-3-7

:spiral_calendar: Published March 26, 2022

External Access (beta)

The first release of our cloud initiative includes the most requested cloud feature - Remote Access

The security required to make inbound connections without complex VPNs is intense, but the user experience is delightfully painless.

Simply enter the URL (given upon request) into your browser:

Access Everywhere

This works on Desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile. Using a Chrome browser provides the best experience.

It’s being released as beta so we can ensure proper security concerns are addressed, and to gather initial feedback. The only issue we’ve found is page load speed, which for first time access can be up to 30 seconds. After the initial load it’s slightly slower than internal access, but barely noticeable.

Next up - Multiple Access Levels

The next upcoming cloud feature and second most requested is Access Levels. Currently we use the Opto22 login, which doesn’t provide different access levels for Node-RED.

This initiative will be to replace the Opto22 login with a cloud based login, and credentials for differing access levels and more advanced user groups and authorization parameters.

It will be a fundamental overhaul, and may take more than one OTA release cycle.