Over The Air Updates March 2023

Version 2023-3-2

:spiral_calendar: Published Apr. 2, 2023

Website / Forum Combination

A major effort of combining the microclimates.com website and support forum is complete. The basis for this work is to promote community and conversation on the primary website.

Logins for your local server, the main website, and the support forum have been combined into a single place.

Security & Stability Improvements

  • Require Minimum One Administrator - The Authorized Users section of the Setting screen used to allow you to remove the last administrator. This had the potential of bricking your edge server due to nobody having authorization to manage users. As of this release, if you make an attempt to delete the last administrator, or change permissions to a less than administrator level, an error will be displayed, and the operation will be disallowed.

  • Don’t Queue Tasks when Card is Out of Service - Cards placed out of service will now discard any request to run a new task. The previous behavior queued the task but didn’t start it, causing a large backlog of tasks to run when the card was placed back into service. Since tasks are time sensitive, this behavior has changed to discard the task request.