Over The Air Updates May 2021

Version 2021-5-12

:spiral_calendar: Published May 30, 2021

This release contains an exciting combination of new features, integrations, visualizations, and improvements. Let’s get started:


One of the most exciting new features is the tag functionality for flexible card grouping. Card tags can be seen by clicking the new tags icon.


When this icon is selected, cards are expanded to show the list of tags defined for each card.

Clicking on one of these tags brings all cards containing that tag to the pallette, including device and program cards.

Each card comes with a standard set of tags, and an area on the back for managing them. How will you organize cards to match your business?

Manage Tags

Agrowtek DX Module Integration

Agrowtek recently introduced their DX line of general purpose I/O modules, and this release includes integrations with the DXIO Mixed I/O module and the DXO8 Discrete DC Output Module.

Agrowtek DX Modules

This integration lets you add as many of these I/O modules to the controller, significantly increasing the amount of I/O devices to connect with a single controller.


Like all integrations, these come with metrics and a dashboard for each card added to the pallette.

Opto22 RIO Card Refresh

The Opto22 RIO card got a facelift, matching other I/O device cards. Output values can now be changed directly on the card, and can be locked to prevent accidental change.

Opto22 Rio Card

Insights Icon

Each card has a new icon that takes you to the Insights page for that card.

100% Insights Coverage

Along with this functionality, this release marks a major milestone where 100% of cards now maintain both Insights data and a visualization dashboard.

Security & Stability Improvements

Stability: Eliminate Device Slider Jitter

The slider on the bottom of device cards could fall behind if dragged quickly, causing a jitter. A debouncing algorithm was introduced to eliminate this jitter.

Slider Stabilize