Over The Air Updates May 2022

Version 2022-5-9

:spiral_calendar: Published May 29, 2022

OTA Restart

Reports of the software not restarting following an OTA update were investigated, and a more sure mechanism for software restarts was put into place in this release.

If you are updating from a prior release and you expect your OTA hasn’t restarted, a manual restart can be made from the RIO Node-RED menu (Settings / Opto22 Utilities / Main Menu / Node-RED / Restart).

MDX Water Sensor Panel Sensor Ordering

The front HMI on the MDX Water Sensor card listed the sensor readings in a different ordering from the readings on the front of the hardware panel.


We have re-arranged the ordering so the water temperature is on top, the pH reading is in the middle, and the EC reading is at the bottom, so the HMI matches the hardware panel for quick visual validation.

EC/ORP Water Sensor Readings

This release resolves the issue of “—” being displayed for EC or ORP readings.

Incorrect Warning for Non-CO2 sensors

Resolved: Climate sensors without CO2 were sometimes producing warnings for out-of-range CO2 readings.

Reduced Error/Warning Debounce Period

When a card detects a condition that would place it into an error or warning state, the debounce
logic requires the card to remain in that state for 5 minutes before raising (or resetting) the error or alarm.

This logic prevents a large number of notices being sent when the condition is hovering around the border.

The 5 minute period resulted in concerns that the card wasn’t changing state when it detected
the error or warning condition.

The resolution was to reduce the 5 minute debounce to a 2 minute debounce. If a card notices
an error or warning condition, it now waits for 2-3 minutes before changing the card/controller state.

ADXI Peristaltic Pump Speed

The ADXI Peristaltic Pump card now has the ability to control speed percentage (1-100) when activating the pump.

Please be aware that the product installation guide page 9 mentions “Speeds below 60% may result in a stalled motor and should not be used.”

Allow Custom Connections for the Settings Card

The Settings card is now available for custom card connections. This is useful for changing system settings based on the values of other cards.

For example, the Day/Night settings could be synchronized with custom cards containing day/night configurations.