Over The Air Updates May 2023

Version 2023.5.2

:spiral_calendar: Published June 3, 2023

Card Organization

The left navigation window used to organize cards by Devices and Programs.

This update offers an unlimited number of ways to organize cards, and has brought them all into one menu item: Cards

Navigation Menu

The top of the cards palette now has 3 boxes that let you select the cards you want to see.

They let you select by card type, by zone, and by tag.

Organize by Card Type

Organize by Card Type

Cards are one of 4 built-in types

  • Automations - Previously known as Programs. These cards understand recipes, schedules, and they accept input from monitor cards and send control signals to control cards.
  • Controls - These cards represent a particular control capability within a zone. Lighting control, for example, represents the entire lighting capacity for the zone. This may be several lights, and they may be on individual circuits set up in a way that 20% lighting capacity turns on some circuits where 100% lighting capacity turns on all circuts.
  • Monitors - These cards represent particular things within a zone that are being monitored. Light levels, temperature/humidity levels, water levels, etc.
  • Devices - These cards represent physical devices being monitored or controlled. They include integrations with specific hardware devices, and represent their state in terms that the device understands (ie: voltage) vs. in terms of what that means (ie: water level).

Organize by Zone

Organize by Zone

The zone functionality added in the last OTA release can now be used to show cards by zone.

You also have the ability to select No zone, which displays cards that have yet to be assigned a zone. This gives you a quick way to select the cards that haven’t been assigned, so they can be assigned a zone.

Organize by Tag

Organize by Tag

Every card can be assigned any number of tags that you define. This gives you unlimited capability to organize your cards by the way that you view your facility.

For example, you may wish to view all cards that represent cooling. This gives you a simple way to look at all cooling cards by selecting that tag. Another example is by crop type. Maybe you wish to organize all cards that affect a particular crop, across all zones.

The organizational capabilities are unlimited.

Combine Selections

Once you’ve selected one organization (card type, zone, or tag), the other selectors show the cards available under the selected type.

For example, if you select one zone, the tags shown on the tag picker represent tags for all cards within that zone.

Adding a New Card

When pressing the + button at the top to add a new card, the card types shown include cards within the currently selected card type.

For example, if you are viewing Control card types, and press +, all Control type cards are shown.