Over The Air Updates November 2022

Version 2022-11-3

:spiral_calendar: Published December 4, 2022

Trilogy Farm-Gridâ„¢ Integration


An integration with Trilogy Farm-Grid, and their PronTo service is our first connection with LoRaWAN devices.

The integration includes both monitors for climate sensors, and controls for LoRaWAN based control modules. This integration interfaced with circulating fans, greenhouse side vents, heaters, and air flow conditioners.

Veea Smart Computing Hub

Smart Grid Network Device

The integration included hosting the Microclimates edge services on the VeeaHub Edge Computing device. This is a powerful edge computing platform with local mesh connectivity, bluetooth, wifi, ethernet, modbus, and LoRaWAN capabilities.

Trilogy PronTo Card

Trilogy provides key technology that interfaces different LoRaWAN and other network devices into a common interface. The following card connects with the MQTT broker that facilitates inputs from and outputs to devices.

This card can receive inputs from sensors as well as send control signals to devices (as shown).