Over The Air Updates October 2022

Version 2022-10-9

:spiral_calendar: Published October 30, 2022

Experimental Screens

This release comes with an experimental feature - a screens feature for building full-screen HMIs.


The feature can be enabled by selecting the Screens Menu within the Add-Ons section of the Settings screen:

Screen Menu Setting

Screens Menu

Once the setting is selected and saved, a Screens item appears in the sidebar menu:

Screens Menu

Add a Screen

Adding a screen card is like adding any card. Two different kinds of screen cards include the SVG screen and the HTML screen

  • The SVG screen allows you to enter SVG code into the card to represent a site diagram, piping layout, wiring diagram, or etc.

  • The HTML type screen allows you to enter a web address, and display a remote web page within the card.

Add a Screen


At this point this is an experimental feature for developers. The intention is to be able to have a web designer build a screen, and overlay controller information.