Over The Air Updates September 2021

Version 2021-9-6

:spiral_calendar: Published Oct 6, 2021

Agrowtek DXO8 Upgrade

The Agrowtek 8 port output DXO8 Module was upgraded to include improved initialization, and an upgraded user interface.

Agrowtek DX Modules

Check it out, and find additional I/O inputs & relays on the Agrowtek Website

Process Supervision

This release includes a process supervisor that periodically checks controller health, and restarts the server if required.

This guards against a code or configuration issue that causes the system to become unresponsive.

This doesn’t resolve the underlying issue, but gets the process running again so troubleshooting can continue.

Security & Stability Improvements

  • Increased the number of event listeners - A log warning of ‘Too many event listeners - possible memory leak’ prompted us to increase this from 10 to 50. This was not a memory leak, as a responsive IoT architecture makes use of more event listeners than the typical NodeJS server application.

  • Stabilized the Multi-Climate card - The climate card used to restart upon configuration change, and is now stabilized across configuration changes. It was not necessary to restart this card on configuration change, and this change eliminated a visual flash of the card, and possible data delays and re-initialization issues.
    This also fixes an issue where re-initialization could cause farenheight/celcius readings to swap, resulting in incorrect readings.

  • Additional guardrails added to the Multi-Climate card - The issue of incorrect farenheight/celcius readings was fixed (above), and to guard against failures of this type in the future, validation has been added to prevent obviously incorrect values.