RIO - Wiring & Mounting

RIO- Wiring & Mounting


In a minute, you’ll learn how to wire and mount the Optima 22. Let’s get started. In the real box, you will find the terminal tool instructions and the 25 pin travel connector. Step one is to take the channel connector and inserted into the real next. Identify the appropriate pins by referencing the optic 22 data sheet. Now look at the clamp release hole associated with the pins.

Remove the terminal tool, insert the tool into the clamp release hole and insert a wire into the field. Wiring for links with the data sheet and Radio Explorer can be found in the subtitle. Please reference those to ensure that you are connecting the correct, positive, negative and when wiring to the radio to map the real flip the radio so you can see the back side.

You can either mounted by using the din rail, by using the tabs on the top and bottom. Please reference the data sheet mounting on a panel for instructions and ensure the vents around the radio are not obstructed. Thanks for watching and please return to support our Michael Clements dot com with any questions.


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