Running A Task

Running A Task


In a minute, you’ll learn about tasks and how to run a task on the Microclimates user interface. Let’s get started. Some cards include the running man icon. This icon indicates the card has the ability to run a task. For example, the water tank card has the ability to run multiple tasks. Let’s review this card. All cards have a front and a back side.

The task icon is located in front of the card. Click on the task icon. From here you can find both saved tasks and built in tasks; such as irrigate plants, fill tanks, drain tanks and pause for a period. Let’s go ahead and run a task now. Click on the Running Man. Here you have the option to run a task, review currently running tasks or prior tasks. Let’s go ahead and run a task for irrigating plants. Here you can go ahead and change the name, change the time and the minimum tank level. Once you do press start and keep your eye on what happens to the water tank running icon and the irrigation valve on the 8-port relay. As you can see, a “1” has been added next to the man indicating the task is running and the irrigation valve has opened. A currently running task can always be stopped by clicking on the running man icon looking for the currently running task and clicking stop task.

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