Writing Custom Dashboards

Writing Custom Dashboards

This is a quick start guide for writing custom dashboards.

Navigating to Grafana

Grafana is an enterprise grade visualization service running on your edge server.

To open Grafana, navigate to your app, then replace the /node-red/… portion of the URL with /insights.

Viewing Your Dashboards

Select Dashboards / Manage from the left menu. This will show all dashboards, one for each of your cards, organized by card type.

Editing a Dashboard Panel

Once you’ve selected a dashboard, you can edit any panel by right-clicking the panel title, and selecting edit

This brings up the for all panel configurations. For example, if you wanted to add multiple lines to a graph, notice the prometheus query shown below as 1. You could copy any query from any other panel, select 2 in the example below to paste that query, and your panel would show two lines, one per query.

Saving the Dashboard

Built-in dashboards are read-only, so if you’re editing a built-in dashboard select the settings icon:

This brings you to the dashboard settings screen, where you can select Save As to save your customized dashboard.

Navigating to Your Custom Dashboard

Once saved, bookmark the URL to return to the dashboard.